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BulletBlocker Level I (24 Joules) Anti-Stab Panels

BulletBlocker Level I (24 Joules) Anti-Stab Panels

Product Description:

Anti-stab knife protection insert panels for body armor vests, bulletproof backpack or any shield products. Adds protection against knives - standard Level I (24 Joules). Set of 2

Single Panel Available:
Level I $99.99


* 2 Anti Stab Plates - Provides added protection against stabs, knifes or spikes. Front and Back.
* Approx. 2.2 lbs (1Kg) Each Plate
* Fits ANY bulletproof vest that has front and/or back 10 by 12 inch sized pockets.
* Approx. 9.25 inches x 11.25 inches Each Panel
* Insert as additional liner to other BulletBlocker Products