BulletBlocker NIJ III Bulletproof Ceramic Strike Plates

BulletBlocker NIJ III Bulletproof Ceramic Strike Plates

Product Description:

Standard ceramic body armor bulletproof strike plate panel inserts. Certified NIJ Level III used (in conjunction with NIJ IIIA). Set of 2 - Front and Back.

Single Plate Available: $289.99

Our unique fragmentation and bulletproof vests have been combat proven under the harshest conditions and provide utmost protection while allowing easy maneuvering and mobility. Our Research & Development department specializes in developing and engineering body armor fragmentation and bullet resistant vests, to suit every mission and assignment.

These ceramic plates are certified to protect against rifle fire. The NIJ III ceramic armor plate protects against the following bullets (up-to):

* 7.62mmX39mm bullets (steel core) fired from an AK-47 rifle
* 5.56mm SS109 bullets (semi-steel core) fired from M16/AR 15 auto/semiautomatic rifle
* 7.62mmX51mm 80 type bullets (lead core) fired from M14 automatic rifle


* 2 Ceramic Plates @ 7.4 lbs. Each Plate
* 9.25 inches x 11.25 inches approx.
* Certified Level 3
* Will fit ANY bulletproof vest that has front and/or back 10 by 12 inch sized pockets.
* 5 years Warranty