BulletBlocker NIJ III Bulletproof Ultra-Light Famostone Strike Plates

BulletBlocker NIJ III Bulletproof Ultra-Light Famostone Strike Plates
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Product Description:

Advanced lightweight bulletproof armor plate inserts for bulletproof vests. Weighs only 3.1 lbs/1.4 kg (each plate). Certified NIJ Level III used (in conjunction with NIJ IIIA)
Set of 2

Single Plate Available: $379.99

Famostone is an ultra-light ballistic hard armor that is lighter than almost any other bullet proof material available in the world. The high strength Polyethylene fiber used has been shown to be 10 times stronger than steel thus making it the strongest and lightest fiber in the world. The material is waterproof and outperforms all other armor materials in stopping high velocity rounds. This will stop as many rounds as can fit on the plate and at approx. 3.11lbs(1.4kg) each this is the undoubtedly the lightest plate around that offers such a high level of protection.

Features and Benefits
* 2 Famastone Plates @ 3.11 lbs (1.4Kg) Each Plate
* 9.25 inches x 11.25 inches approx.
* Certified NIJ Level III

The NIJ Level III armor plate protects against following bullets (up-to):
* 7.62mmX39mm bullets (steel core) fired from an AK-47 rifle
* 5.56mm SS109 bullets (semi-steel core) fired from M16/AR15 auto/semi-automatic rifle
* 7.62mmX51mm 80 type bullets (lead core) fired from M14 automatic rifle

* Will fit ANY bulletproof vest that has front and/or back 10 by 12 inch sized pockets