Freedom Bundle

Over $100 Value!

NIJ IIIA Passport Wallet

Tactical Koozie

Self Defense Key Chain

Freedom Bundle
Freedom Bundle
Item# Freedom-Bundle

Product Description:


Did somebody say FREEdom? For a limited time, automatically receive 50% off our Freedom Bundle. This bundle contains 3 items that are sure to enhance your freedom! 

- NIJ IIIA Passport Wallet ($65 Value)

- Tactical Koozie ($24 Value) 

- My Kitty Self Defense Key Chain ($13 Value) 

Boasting with over $100 in value, now is the perfect time to pick up our Freedom Bundle for just $50! Keep in mind, the Passport Wallet is normally $65 by itself, don't miss out! 

Features and Benefits

  • Over $100 Value 
  • Free with any order over $350
  • Only $50 for a limited time
  • Great for you or a friend
  • Keep all 3 items or give them away