Custom Bulletproof Panels and Bulletproof Inserts

Custom Bulletproof Inserts
We offer panels and packs in a variety of sizes for all applications. Your personal items can also become a protective shield with Threat Level IIIa stopping power. Luggage comes in so many shapes and sizes, from rolling carry-ons to huge steamer trunks, that we need to make custom panels for the best fit. Our Threat Level IIIa Panels can be custom ordered for 92cents per square inch. All of our products are airport and metal detector friendly.

Simply insert the custom panel into the top pocket or bottom of your suitcase, rolling case, carryon, or trunk, for instant Threat Level IIIa protection.

Great For Travellers, Foreign Service, Military and Journalists.

Bulletproof Backpacks

BulletBlocker UHMWPE UD (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Laminations are a Spectra Type, unique lightweight composite material providing superior anti-ballistic protection, for both personnel and vehicle protection. UD stands for "unidirectional": In UHMWPE UD Laminations, all the fibers are laid parallel, in the same plane, rather than being woven together. UHMWPE UD Laminations are made of several layers of UHMWPE fibers, with the direction of fibers in each layer at 90 degree to the direction of the fibers in the adjacent layers. The unidirectional configuration of the fibers in UHMWPE UD Laminations allows the energy transferred from the impact of a bullet or other ballistic threat to be distributed along the fibers much faster and more efficiently than in conventional woven aramid type fabrics. This is because the absorption power of the yarn in woven fabrics is lost at the crossover points, as these points reflect rather than absorb the shockwaves of the impact. In UHMWPE UD Laminations, much more of the material is engaged in stopping the bullet, making it more effective against ballistics. DyneemaŽ UD and Spectra are typical UHMWPE UD laminate materials. The polyethylene base material makes this one of the most moisture resistant anti-ballistic materials available.

Bulletproof Backpacks