K9 Charities



Although Law Enforcement Agencies provide bullet resistant vests for their Human officers, they are often unable to fund vests for their canine counterparts. At Bullet Blocker we believe that every working dog should have a ballistic vest, in order to stay safe while in the line of duty.

We work directly with some of the world's most respected Canine Charities and Organizations with the dream that every Canine will one day be fitted with a ballistic vest. 


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 Below is a list of Certified K9 Charities endorsed by Bullet Blocker 


California                    Glenn                           Rockelle Mirande                                     (530) 363 - 2820              rockelle4h@gmail.com



Georgia                      Valdosta                       Ready At Your Service LLC                     (706) 255 - 9500             readyatyourservicellc@gmail.com



Michigan                     Troy                             Plea Foundation                                        (248) 588 - 8989             ashleyo@plea.net



Missouri                      Springfield                  Protecting America's Children and K9's     (417) 862-0717               leok9@pac-k9.org



Ohio                            Chillicothe                  Little Blessings Inc.                                     (740) 773 - 6713             kwoods@horizonview.net



                                    Cleveland                  Protecting Ohio K9 Officers (POKO)      (440) 318-4852             kilsal@aol.com



                                    Springboro                Ohio Law Enforcement K-9 Association      (937) 689 - 8939             cmjacks@woh.rr.com



Rhode Island              West Warwick            Protect The Puppy                                   (401) 885 - 1060 (x115)      david@capitalwealthllc.com




We are always looking to add more Canine Charities and Associations to our list, so please do not hesitate to reach out! Simply email Michael.curran@bulletblocker.com and he will respond with the tools to get you started! 





Some vests that have been Donated:

Canine "Buck" with his vest from Klein's Detailing / OLEKA                    

Here is our Canine friend "Buck" wearing his new K9 Shadow Vest! A huge shout out to our friends over at Klein's Detailing LLC for working with OLEKA and getting this vest donated.                 




 K9 Bundi from Athen's County  

K9 "Bundi" from Athen's County smiling for a picture (: 




  Arizona Canine Unit Training Demonstration                                                                                                                            

One of our vests that we donated many years back to a happy pup out in Arizona! We flew out there to demonstrate our Shadow Canine Vest to one of the local Police Departments and made some friends along the way. 





Arizona Canine Unit Training Demonstration

 Another one of the wonderful dogs that we met while on our trip to Arizona! We had such a fun time taking photos of the dogs, and seeing them perform on the field. 





Jackson Ohio PD K9 "Zee"

K9 Zee and his partner from Jackson, Ohio Police Department. A big thank you to OLEKA for getting this vest donated. 




K9 "Gunner" with his Globe Appreciation Plaque

K9 "Gunner" showing off his Globe Appreciation Plaque down at the Dayton International Airport! Congratulations my friend. 




K9 "Tazer" from New Lexington Police Department

Our K9 friend "Tazer" enjoying some sun while taking some pictures! Such a beautiful dog, makes for some amazing photos. 





K9 "Mutin" with his friends and family from Pataskala Police Department

K9 "Mutin" from the Pataskala Police Department hanging out with some close friends. 




K9 "Moke" from the Granville Police Department  K9 "Moke"

K9 "Moke" and some of his buddies from Granville Police Department located in Ohio. It always amazes us when they can get them to sit still for photography !




K9 "Havik" from Heath Police Department K9 "Havik" from Heath Police Department

We are unsure of his age, but we can tell K9 "Havik" will be creating some havoc in the next few years!





K9 "Hans" from the Beavercreek Unit 

Our K9 friend "Hans" celebrating the holidays with some of his good friends. 




K9 "Barbie" from Vinton County with some of her friends!    

Such a lovely photo of canine "Barbie" with some of her family members and partners. 




K9 "Daphne" from Montgomery Police Department

I wonder what our canine friend "Daphne" is looking at while this picture was being taken haha!




Our canine friend "Bac" With Candace Jacks Our K9 friend "Bac" with volunteer Lorna!

Our K9 friend Bac with his friends Candace Jacks ( on left ) and Lorna ( on right ). Candace and Lorna both work with OLEKA to get working dogs the ballistic vests they deserve. 




"Chase" the Stuffed Canine - PLEA Foundation

"Chase" the Stuffed Canine that travels the world with the PLEA Foundation to demonstrate the adjustable nature of our vests!



Check out some of the Certified Charities and Foundations we have worked with in the past!


Ohio Law Enforcement Canine Association    PLEA Foundation     4H