People are talking: Find out what our customers have to say about our BulletBlocker products:

"Wow! I'm impressed! I shot the backpack 12 times with a 9mm using a mix of hardball and Hornady hollow points. Nothing penetrated. I cut the bag apart and recovered all of the spent rounds. I shot the extreme edge of the panel during the test to see if I could get a round of hardball to slip through. Well, I couldn't get one to go through. I couldn't shoot out the center of it with 9 rounds right in that MJ logo on the pack from fifteen feet. Only four of the eight layers of the panel were compromised. I thought that 9 rounds in such close proximity would have weakened the panel to the point of failure, but it didn't.

After removing the shot up panel from the pack I took four of the eight layers and tried to stab through it. I tried two different knives stabbing as hard as I could without endangering myself. The only way I would try to stab harder would be to have a pair of gloves made out of the stuff the panel is made out of. I could not even get a knife through four layers."

- Cody from Roscoe, PA

"Thank you for taking the time to check with your customers, this means a lot. I'm a business person who travels often outside of the US. Your products give me a sense of security when I travel outside the US. I have purchased 3 of your PC backpacks. I'm pleasently surpised at the quality and features of the backpacks. These are not stripped down backpacks with safety features; I find them to be very fuctional. With the limitation on carry-on luggage having a functional backpack is extremely important. Thanks again for asking - I'm looking forward to you expanding your product line."

- Terry from Dayton, OH

"I felt a lot more secure walking around on campus knowing I had a bulletproof backpack. I used it to go to school in New Orleans, where crime is a constant problem. It eased my mind to have the backpack on campus and made it a little easier on my parents too."

- Amanda from New Orleans, LA

"This is such a simple way for me to feel safer and be safer. The pack I bought is the Executive Computer Portfolio. It is high quality and fits in perfectly with my position on Wall Street. Every day I ride the subway and walk the streets of NYC knowing that I have an added level of protection and a back up plan. Thank you."

- Brad from New York City, New York

"As an avid hunter I have often felt like my worst enemy is other hunters. Now I can do what I love with the knowledge that I have a layer of defense from stray or mis-directed bullets in the wild"

- Paul from Rangeley, Maine

"Working for an oil & gas company, I often travel to desolate and hostile places, I don't ever travel anywhere overseas without my Ballistic Backpack."

- Saul from Houston, Texas

"I am happy to inform you that I am extremely pleased with my purchase of the "Executive Backpack". The backpack is intended for my son who will be attending a large university this fall. I am impressed with the great appearance of the backpack and the quality of design and materials. The ballistic panel is discretely placed within the backpack with no evidence to the general public that this is more than a simple backpack. My decision for the purchase is quite simple, unfortunately, we live in an unpredictable and dangerous society. I have chosen to provide my family with every opportunity to survive an unexpected life threatening attack. The cost of your product is a bargain for the potential protection it could provide my child. I do intend to purchase another backpack for my youngest son who will be attending college next year. Thanks again for providing such a valuable product for the protection of my family!"

- Julio from Rochester Hills, Michigan

"Thank you for contacting me. I am very satisfied with the packs that I purchased. I actually bought two. The first was for my youngest cousin, who is a sophomore at Seton Hall University. I purchased it right after the student shooting at Northern Illinois St. U. Last year. I told him if he ever hears shots, to put that thing on his back and get away from the sound of the guns! The second was for myself. I live in work in Northern Va. I can remember feeling very vulnerable during the DC sniper shootings My son was an infant at the time and a we were very worried about what "could" happen. I am an Army veteren. I can remember thinking that I felt safer on the Iraqi border in 1998 than I did right in front of my own office in 2002. I hope that I will never need to use the special properties of my backpack, but it's nice to know that I have it if I ever need it. I intend to outfit my son and daughter with similar backpacks for school. Again, I hope that we never need it. But, it's nice to know that's there if you do."

- Chuck from Purcellville, Virginia

"It's a great product: the backpacks are stylish and can store a ton of stuff. I like the blue original pack. I use it when I travel and it makes it through security checks no problem. I gave the orange backpack to my dad. He used it the whole time he was on a wingshooting trip to South America. It holds all your gear and makes you feel safe that your back is covered. For the safety and peace of mind it gives us I think it is very reasonably priced."

- Dr. Dave from Alexandria, Virginia

"i am super happy with my purchase. i purchased the first backpack for my wumpkin who attends k-state. it put both dad and herself at ease. She loves hers. shortly thereafter i purchased another for my other wumpkin who attends the local high school - he was pretty tough on his so you all corrected the situation without incident and got him into one that is as rugged as he is. It is certainly worth the peace of mind, with random acts of violence commonplace. i would recommend it to anyone. i can't wait to check out your other product lines."

- Sarah from Nevada, Missouri

"The product is certainly very well made, lightweight and flexible. The panel is used for 2 main functions: First is chambering rounds in semi-auto firearms for personal use. Second is a teaching aid.I am a firearms instructor and I demonstrate the safe chambering of firearms while having your panel in front of the muzzle."

- Alan from Tallman, New York

"I am a public transit employee in Sydney Australia. I have always used a backpack to carry my supplies for a day at work. Now that I have a bulletblocker backpack I feel much safer and I carry it with me everywhere. It is not only a safety item but it is also my favorite backpack."

- Mariella from Sydney, Australia