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BulletBlocker Products are all made of 100% new and fresh material.

Do not trust used bullet proof/anti-ballistic materials, as sold on other websites and stores, to save your life!

Trust only New Materials!

Ballistic Material is highly sensitive to moisture, UV rays and chemical exposure. You have no way of knowing where a used vest or panel made of used material has been.

You can trust BulletBlocker materials with your life.

Our Non-Metallic, Semi-Rigid, AntiBallistic Panel is made of material approved for Threat Level IIIa AntiBallistic Protection in military and civilian use.

While no material is 100% Bullet-Proof, Antiballistic materials have been proven to save lives by stopping bullets from causing penetrating injuries. This technology has been used in military and police body armor for decades.

BULLET PROOF and BULLETPROOF are popular terms for body armor and anti-ballistic/bullet resistant materials. We use these as popular descriptive terms. However, the only REAL classification to trust is the NIJ Threat Level 3a Standards of testing, such as we provide for our specific products, which have been independently tested at "White's Laboratories" in Maryland - The industry standard for NIJ testing standards. See our results for yourself at our Threat Level 3a Testing results page!

Do NOT be fooled by copy-cats and imposters that use expired anti-allistic materials or used body armor! Be sure to ask for independent test results for their specific products, like we provide here at BulletBlocker.com. Do not accept blanket test results for the materials used. Purchase through a company you can trust and offers the proof without hesitation, like we do here at BulletBlocker.com. Your life depends on it!

At these prices how can you afford not to protect yourself and the people you love?

Bulletproof Backpacks

Bulletproof Backpacks

NIJ Threat Level IIIA includes all the protection of the lower threat levels in the chart above!

Go to the media links below to see the media prove it works!

- Approx. 1 school shooting incident per week since 1999

- Over 229+ people have died in those incidents

- Over 422+ people were injured in those incidents

- Approx. 95% of those incidents involved handguns

- Stops up to 9mm FMJ, .45cal. and .44 Magnum.

- Non-Metal, semi-rigid, BulletBlocker AntiBallistic Textile Panel

- Level IIIa Ballistic Protection stops handgun ammunition including:

- Stops 9mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) and .44Magnum.

- Threat Level IIIa Ballistic Protection in ALL MJ products

- Airport and Airline Friendly bulletproof material

- Make your own Level IIIa Bulletproof Backpack or gear bag

- Independently tested to Level IIIa standards

- Backpacks for all ages in many styles and colors

- Lightweight, Affordable Ballistic Protection

- Costs less than an iPod

- Ask about Custom Emroidery for Logos or Name

- Less than half the cost of comparable body armor materials

- Perfect for students, educators, travellers, journalists, off duty police, etc

Click on these links to see the media and White's lab prove what Level IIIa protection means, and to see objective reporters prove that it works!

BulletBlocker Material Composition:

UHMWPE UD (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Laminations are a unique lightweight composite material providing superior anti-ballistic protection, for both personnel and vehicle protection. UD stands for "unidirectional": In UHMWPE UD Laminations, all the fibers are laid parallel, in the same plane, rather than being woven together. UHMWPE UD Laminations are made of several layers of UHMWPE fibers, with the direction of fibers in each layer at 90 degree to the direction of the fibers in the adjacent layers. The unidirectional configuration of the fibers in UHMWPE UD Laminations allows the energy transferred from the impact of a bullet or other ballistic threat to be distributed along the fibers much faster and more efficiently than in conventional woven aramid type fabrics. This is because the absorption power of the yarn in woven fabrics is lost at the crossover points, as these points reflect rather than absorb the shockwaves of the impact. In UHMWPE UD Laminations, much more of the material is engaged in stopping the bullet, making it more effective against ballistics. DyneemaŽ UD is a kind of typical UHMWPE UD laminate material. The polyethylene base material makes this one of the most moisture resistant anti-ballistic materials available.

Bulletproof Backpacks

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