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BulletBlocker Threat Level IIIA Products Meet NIJ Standard 0101.06 Our anti-ballistic material has been independently tested to the Threat Level IIIa standard. Threat Level IIIa rated anti-ballistic material is resistant to most all handgun ammunition including .22SR, .22LR .25, .32, .38, .380, .357Magnum, 9mm Full Metal Jacket, .40 Cal., .45cal. and .44 Magnum. Most of the personal body armor worn by law enforcement is Threat Level II or IIa, both are a lower level of protection. Our products are for self defense only and should not substitute safe behavior. Anti-Ballistic properties apply to the actual BulletBlocker panel, whether integrated in a bag or backpack, or sold separately. Any modifications to the "bulletproof panels" or "bulletproof backpacks" may effect the anti-ballistic resistance of the products. Do not modify the bulletproof backpacks or anti ballistic panels. Do not re-use the product(s) if the product has been shot or stabbed or has been subject to shooting level forces, slashes, stabs, punctures, rips, tears or cuts.

The bullet proof products at BulletBlocker are designed to enhance safety in schools, college classroom safety as well as to provide teacher safety and staff safety. Always follow safety and security policies procedures and use good personal safety tactics. For school safety and/or workplace safety, refer to the policy of the school and/or workplace. Protection in a bullet proof backpack or panel that puts self defense in your hands.

Ballistic Protection also saves lives in bomb blast with fragmentation shrapnel and explosive incidents. There are thousands of cases of shrapnel being stopped by body armor. However, shrapnel and fragments can take so many shapes and forms that it is very difficult to "rate" the levels of protection. Ammunition based rating systems, like the NIJ Threat Level system, seem to be the best way to measure the strength of a material in a projectile impact blast protection test. Threat Level 3a is the HIGHEST level of protection available in soft body armor (vests). Higher levels of protection are in the form of "hard" armoring: Ceramic, Composite or Metal Plates in pockets that protect the most vital, center of mass, organs, other than the head - See our Threat Level 3a clipboard inserts or bulletproof backpacks for products you can use to enhance your protection above the neck. Blast protection and explosion protection is integral to the ballistic materials used in our products.

BulletBlocker's Anti-Stab and knife proof shield products are labeled clearly to show that those products are only designed to protect against slashing and jabbing from knives and are anti-stab protection only.

BulletBlocker and My Child's Pack and PBP - Personal Ballistic Protection are separately registered trademarks. No body armor or ballistic resistant material or product has been created that is 100% bullet proof. The original My Child's Pack, school safety accessory - My Child's Backpack - Bullet proof, Bulletproof Backpack, Bulletproof Backpacks, Bullet proof Backpack, Backpack shield, Bullet proof backpacks and bulletproof vest, bullet proof vest and vests, bullet proof clothes and bulletproof clothing are generally accepted popular descriptive terms applied to the BulletBlocker type ballistic resistant products that meet the NIJ Threat level 3a standards or better. Buyers are responsible for any import duties or taxes applicable to the destination country. We ship to over 185 countries. The only restrictions are based on U.S. law regarding trade restrictions to 5+/- countries.

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