How or why do we use the term "Bullet Proof" for Body Armor products???

Body Armor, Body Armor, Body Armor... Our academy instructors and drill sergeants all drilled it into our heads: "Nothing is bullet proof!"

They were right! Body armor is just that. Like medievil suits of armor, all body armor can do is protect parts of our body from the penetrating wounds inflicted by a gunshot. Some body armor vests have limited coverage, but are easily concealed, while some have more armor plating but may be harder to conceal under clothing.

The problem WE have as we try to make body armor available to the public, is that the popular term for body armor has been "Bullet Proof Vest" since the 60s. Only law enforcement and military professionals seem to call our products body armor. Most civilian consumers use search terms like bulletproof vests, bulletproof jackets, bullet proof vests, bullet proof clothing and so on. We do our best to educate our customers about the NIJ Threal Levels for ballistic protection and what the ammunition and testing limits are, but in order to be "found" on the internet "bullet proof vests" is a term we have to live with as it refers to body armor...

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